Shehr Bano, MS

Position title: UX Researcher

Chicago, IL

Shehr Bano is an educational technology enthusiast who has a bachelors in Computer Science and recently graduated with a master’s in Human Computer Interaction from DePaul University. She is looking forward to exploring work opportunities in EdTech. During her computer science four-year journey, the human element to computer science appealed to her so much that she decided to pursue graduate study in human interaction, its psychological aspects and how it influences the design of technology. Her long-standing interest in education, academic environments, and her childhood fascination with becoming a teacher steered her coursework selection to the design of technology for learning environments. She actively reads and follows research on EdTech, specifically collaborative interactive learning through technology. She strongly believes that technology must be designed to support remote learning where the biggest challenge today is of collaboration. She has come to realize that the desire to research, to push the boundaries, and to make things better, is indeed the matriarch of all new inventions and advancements in the world. She looks forward to learning data analytics to help tech based educational systems better interpret and use student and teacher data to improve learning outcomes of technology based education. She is privileged to be a part of the esteemed Cohort 2022 to begin her master’s in Educational Psychology-Learning Analytics at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.