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FAQ’s for Prospective Students

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What is a learning analyst, and what do they do?

Am I a good candidate for the Learning Analytics program?

The Learning Analytics program is a two-year online program for working professionals who are seeking career advancement. Our students are motivated to learn about and apply the best practices in learning analytics. The Learning Analytics program is a convenient and applied program, one that allows you to pursue your master’s degree while you continue working. The program seeks to draw candidates from diverse backgrounds and encourages students to share their strengths as they engage in groups projects and online class discussions.

How much time should I anticipate spending on my coursework throughout the year?

The Learning Analytics program is a flexible master’s degree program for working professionals. We understand and value that our students have jobs and families in addition to being graduate students. That said, it is a rigorous program and high-quality graduate-level work requires a significant time commitment.  Our students typically spend approximately 12 hours per week on class-related activities (this includes readings, groupwork, exercises, writing, etc.).

Can I take courses outside of the listed program curriculum?

Unfortunately, no. The Learning Analytics program is designed as a cohort model where all students progress through the program and coursework together. The group work and collaborative model encourages students to support each other through the program to enhance learning.

Can I continue working while I’m enrolled in the program?

Yes, you are strongly encouraged to continue working while you are enrolled in the Learning Analytics program. Coursework is designed with the understanding that most students will also have full-time jobs. Please discuss any work-related commitments with your instructor and they will be able to accommodate your specific needs.

What are the program tuition and costs?

The Learning Analytics program is a 30 credit program, and tuition is paid per credit. Tuition is $1,000* per credit. Students take 3 (summer) or 6 (fall and spring) credits per session. Students do not pay segregated fees. Learn more here. *Tuition and fees are subject to change each academic year.

Can I get a job at UW to pay for my tuition?

Unfortunately, no. Students enrolled in the Learning Analytics program are not allowed to accept graduate assistantships or University appointments which grant waivers of tuition (i.e., any combination of graduate student employment in excess of 33.3% time).

Are there scholarships available?

Yes! The Department of Educational Psychology is proud to offer the Committed Scholars Program (CSP) to further advance the Commitment to Equity initiative. The CSP seeks to address inequities in education by supporting graduate students throughout and after completion of their Learning Analytics master’s program. The CSP will build Scholar-leaders who are committed to working with diverse populations and tackling education achievement gaps.

Are international students eligible?

Yes, international students are eligible to participate in the program, however they are not eligible for a student visa and are expected to perform the coursework in their home country. See the Admissions page International Students drop-down menu for more information.

What can I do with an MS in Educational Psychology: Learning Analytics degree?

Students graduate from the program having developed diverse skill sets. After completing the Learning Analytics program, students are prepared to enter a spectrum of opportunities in learning analytics, from instructional design focused on individual learners at the classroom level, to working on an institutional effectiveness team at a university. Students will be qualified to apply for positions at edtech companies, national assessment organizations, and working in analytics at all levels of K-12 education (school, district, state, and federal) as well as corporate learning environments.

What will my diploma say?

Our graduates’ diplomas read “Master of Science in Educational Psychology.”

How do I apply?


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