Learning Analytics Online Courses


  • 30 credits: 7-8 courses over 24 months
  • 100% online
  • Asynchronous materials
  • Cohort model
  • Collaborative small group work
  • No exams or thesis required

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Get to know our learning management system Canvas and explore sample modules from the first course in the program, EP501: Thinking & Learning

Year 1 Classes

EP 501 – Summer 2024

Introduces the theoretical foundations of learning, knowing, and teaching. Students engage in personal and professional reflection, discussion, individual enactive exercises and collaborative group work.

3 or 4 credits

EP 505 – Summer 2024 

Recommended for students without strong or recent statistical experience. Provides basic concepts via annotated collaborative readings and practice exercises. Introduces students to working with statistical software R.

Optional 1 credit (when EP 501 is taken for 3 credits)

EP 560 – Fall 2024

Students work on 2 projects: 1) a quantitative paper involving a prescribed data set and linear regression using R, and 2) a qualitative paper in which they seek their own data. Students check in with a small group weekly.

6 credits

EP 525 – Spring 2025

A broad foray into a variety of educational data mining practices. Students use RapidMiner software to explore different methods in pairs, and engage in 3 case studies throughout the semester.

5 credits

Year 2 Classes

EP 551 Summer 2025

Materials include podcast interviews with practitioners using QE. Quantitative methods are used to analyze qualitative data, and students work in groups using Epistemic Network Analysis (ENA) to find connections within their choice of data.

4 credits

EP 575 Fall 2025

Students engage in a structured design process to create an online learning environment with embedded mechanisms for gathering learning outcomes data. Guided critique of a variety of LA tools and dashboards.

3 credits concurrently with EP615

EP 615 Fall 2025

Students choose an analysis from a prior course and present their findings in a variety of modalities (verbal, visual, written, etc.) to 3 key stakeholder audiences. Critique of data visualizations and work with Tableau.

3 credits concurrently with EP575

EP 695 Spring 2026

Authentic consulting project where students teams partner with an external organization to conduct a needs assessment, analyses, and present findings and recommendations. Each team is paired with a Board of Directors and an Alumni Amigo for individualized support.

5 credits

I've designed online courses before, and I am inspired by these courses!

Yichen Lee

All courses are extremely accessible in terms of the layout, the modality, and the Canvas LMS. I never felt like I was left in the dust; there was a lot of support.

Kaycie Barron

I was worried I’d keep to myself and do everything on my own, but instead it’s been a great balance to work with - and lean on - everyone, all while working at my own pace and within my own schedule. My work-school-life balance feels really healthy and I think that’s because of the structure of the program.

Karissa Ebert

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