Meet Our Team

Faculty and Academic Contributors

The Learning Analytics teaching team consists of a combination of Department of Educational Psychology faculty members, learning analytics practitioners, and leading researchers. Together they integrate research and practice to create and present market-based coursework designed to prepare students for the learning analytics field.

David Williamson Shaffer

Credentials: Faculty Director, Learning Analytics program

Dr. David Williamson Shaffer is the Vilas Distinguished Professor of Learning Sciences at UW-Madison and a data philosopher at the Wisconsin Center for Education Research. Before coming to UW, Dr. Shaffer taught grades 4-12 in the US and abroad, including two years working with the US Peace Corps in Nepal. He earned his M.S. and Ph.D. from MIT. His current focus is on merging statistical and qualitative methods to model complex and collaborative thinking skills; his lab, Epistemic Analytics, focuses on the process and outcomes of “turning data into meaning.” Dr. Shaffer has authored more than 250 publications with over 100 co-authors, including the books How Computer Games Help Children Learn and Quantitative Ethnography.

Program Development and Support Staff

Staff from the Department of Educational Psychology, School of Education, and Division of Continuing Studies work together to ensure students have a smooth application and enrollment process, support for technological issues, curriculum and career advising, and other logistical assistance.

Julia Rutledge

Credentials: Program Director


Heather Danielson

Credentials: Enrollment Coach


Jennifer Krug

Credentials: Department Administrator

Amy Moschkau

Credentials: Graduate Admissions and Student Services

Philip Romero-Masters

Credentials: Technology Specialist

Amanda Siebert-Evenstone

Credentials: Creative Producer

William Tishler

Credentials: Media Specialist

Maria Widmer

Credentials: Online Instructional Strategist

James Wollack

Credentials: Department Chair

2021-2022 Teaching Assistants

Hanall Sung

Position title: Teaching Assistant

Yeyu Wang

Position title: Teaching Assistant