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The MS in Educational Psychology – Learning Analytics program is proud to present a series of webinars to engage meaningful discussions in the learning analytics community. In addition to program overview webinars, topics also include areas such as career outlook, innovation, and equity. We bring in industry experts and program faculty to present a variety of perspectives on the learning analytics field. We hope you join us!

Note: All webinars are hosted on Zoom and registrants will be sent an email confirmation containing information and links to join the session. Click the buttons below to register.

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Faculty Fridays

Would you like to learn more about the program’s curriculum and design? Chat about job prospects in the field, or how current students plan to apply their degree? Join program director Julia Rutledge to gain an inside perspective. Dr. Rutledge teaches the first course in the program and serves as the graduate student advisor, and is happy to answer questions and share insights. No need to register. Just drop in!

Open every Friday from 12:30-1:30pm CST.



Program & Scholarship Overview

School of Education

With program director Julia Rutledge, PhD and enrollment coach Pat Walsh, MS

Tuesday, January 24 at 12pm CST

Considering a master’s degree so you can make an impact on education? Join us for an informational webinar to learn more about our online part-time program’s  design, curriculum, and career outlook, as well as scholarship opportunities.

Using Data to Drive JEDI Efforts: The pipeline between high school, technical college & 4-year universities

Dr. Percival Matthews  

A Committed Scholars Program Webinar

February 23 at 12pm CST

Featuring a candid conversation about implementing data-driven JEDI (justice, equity, diversity, inclusion) practices at three different stages in the education trajectory. We will discuss how each project/institution uses data to inform their JEDI curricula and initiatives. Guest speakers include:

  • Rich Halverson, UW Madison Professor and Kellner Family Distinguished Chair in Urban Education

  • Percival Matthews, UW Madison School of Education Associate Dean for Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion

  • Tammi Summers, Vice President of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion at Gateway Technical College

This session will be moderated by the Committed Scholars Program scholarship recipients. For more information on speakers and the session, click here.

Register Here for 2/23

Student Showcase

LAMP student Anjali Yadav

With current 2nd year students in the Learning Analytics program

March 22 at 4:30pm CST


Everyone has a different reason for going to graduate school, and in a diverse field like learning analytics, there are a variety of career options to pursue. Meet current Learning Analytics students and learn about: 

  • Why did they decide to go back to school?
  • How do they manage work and school?
  • Future plans upon graduation?

Register here for 3/22

Career Path

Doctoral Candidate Amanda Siebert-Evenstone

Dr. Amanda Siebert-Evenstone’s data journey through academia, industry, and non-profits

April 18 at 12pm CST

There are a variety of career options and passions for a learning analyst to follow, and thus the path of a learning analyst is not often direct. Learn about Dr. Siebert-Evenstone’s pathway  through graduate school at UW-Madison, work as creative producer and instructor in the Learning Analytics program, experience building her own consultancy, and her current role with Age of Learning, a nonprofit EdTech organization.

Register here for 4/18

FALL 2022

Program & Scholarship Overview

With program director Julia Rutledge, PhD and enrollment coach Pat Walsh, MS

Wednesday, October 12 at 12pm CST

Considering a master’s degree so you can make an impact on education? Join us for an informational webinar to learn more about our online part-time program’s  design, curriculum, and career outlook, as well as scholarship opportunities.

Using Data for Understanding: Learning Analytics & QE

With program faculty director David Williamson Shaffer, PhD

Wednesday, November 16 at 4pm CST

Quantitative Ethnography is a new methodology designed to utilize both quantitative and qualitative methods. Learning analysts who are able to harness this powerful methodology are better equipped to find meaning in data. Join David Williamson Shaffer, faculty director of the Learning Analytics program and author of Quantitative Ethnography, to learn more about the intersection of learning analytics and quantitative ethnography, and how this can make an impact in education.

For EdPsych 301 Current Students and Alumni

Dr. Julia Rutledge teaching EdPsych 301 at UW Madison

With Program Director and EdPsych 301 & 501 instructor Julia Rutledge, PhD

Wednesday, December 7 at 12pm CST

Did you enjoy taking EdPsych 301 at UW-Madison? Did you know that 301 serves as a substitute transfer credit for the first course in the Learning Analytics program, EdPsych 501? Join us to learn more about how elements of EdPsych 301 relate to the learning analytics field, and how undergraduates who took EdPsych 301 have matriculated into the Learning Analytics program. This information session is for EdPsych 301 students only.

Career in Focus: Learning Analytics Architect

With Learning Analytics Center for Excellence director Kim Arnold, PhD

Thursday, December 8 at 12pm CST

UW-Madison recently hired a Learning Analytics Architect to join the team at the Learning Analytics Center for Excellence. Meet with Kim Arnold, director, to learn more about the qualities and skills her team looks for in a candidate, as well as how applicants in the field of learning analytics can best position themselves for the job market.

 Webinar Library

Below are recordings of our highly attended webinars. These webinars were recorded 2020-2022 and highlight our program’s teaching team’s breadth of expertise; career journeys, and general program information. Peruse at your leisure!

Women in Analytics


female professionals discuss their journeys, challenges, and successes in the learning analytics field

Impact in the Field

David Williamson Shaffer

Faculty Director on the evolution and impact of the field, and initiating the program

Program Overview

Julia Rutledge

Program Director Dr. Julia Rutledge

Program Director on program details, logistics, expectations, scholarship, and application materials

Faculty Focus

Maria Widmer

Instructional Designer Maria Widmer

UW learning designer on crafting online curriculum that embodies best practices in online instructional design

Research in Practice

Elizabeth Pier

Libby Pier headshot

Director of Impact at Education Analytics on finding a career in learning analytics research

App Assistance

Pat Walsh

Enrollment Coach Pat Walsh

Enrollment Coach on tips, tricks, advice, and best practices when writing your application

Health, Education, Equity, and Data Analytics


4 experts examine how analytics are at the intersection of health and education

Analytics for Equity

Golnaz Arastoopour Irgens

Assistant Professor at Clemson University on how learning analytics can impact equity

Committed Scholars Program

CSP Overview

Bucky Badger

Learn about the program’s Commitment to Equity initiative and scholarship qualifications

Questions? Chat with Pat, our Enrollment Coach

Pat Walsh, Enrollment Coach

As an enrollment coach, my role is to answer your questions about the Learning Analytics program and to help you decide if this program is the right fit for you and your career goals. I love listening to your questions, concerns, and stories. I am here to answer whatever questions you have about UW–Madison and to welcome you into the Badger family. Contact me directly: pat.walsh@wisc.edu