Landon Basham, MA

Position title: Akademeia High School

Warsaw, Poland

Landon currently lives in Warsaw, Poland teaching Secondary Mathematics at Akademeia High School, a private international school whose curriculum is modeled after UK qualifications with its iGCSE and A-level courses. His interests and work in STEM education began over 15 years ago when he supported math undergraduates, while a student himself, at the University of Kentucky where he received his BA in Anthropology, and he continued his research into STEM curriculum and instruction while earning an MA in Learning Sciences from Northwestern University.

Landon’s educational career has led him to work as an instructor, admissions advisor, and school designer in cities such as Seattle, Chicago, Boston, Denver, and now, Warsaw. With Learning Analytics, Landon will continue bridging educational gaps and eliminating inequities in the STEM environment, at both local and global scales, by providing more holistic stories to student data.