Brendan Eagan


Doctoral Candidate Brendan Eagan

Brendan formally began working in education as an undergraduate at St. Olaf College where he supported the Japanese language and Asian studies departments, specifically focusing on improving pedagogy with digital tools. That experience marked the germination of his interest in how technology can change what and how we should learn and teach. This interest has grown into a passion that has driven him into varied professional domains, including software development and quality assurance, training and professional development of educators, as well as instructional design.

Brendan is the Associate Director of Partnerships and Community Engagement for the Epistemic Analytics Lab at the Wisconsin Center for Education Research. Brendan is interested in unified methods in educational research and assessment of complex thinking. His research includes the development and application of two tools of Quantitative Ethnography: Epistemic Network Analysis, an innovative method for assessing complex thinking skills, and nCoder, a tool for the development, refinement, and validation of automated coding schemes. Additionally, he is working on a statistical method for the generalization of interrater reliability and sensitivity analyses to measure and control for error in analytic processes.

Brendan is the instructor for EdPsych 551: Quantitative Ethnography