Brendan Eagan


Doctoral Candidate Brendan Eagan

Dr. Brendan Eagan is Associate Director for Partnerships and Community Engagement in the Epistemic Analytics lab at the University of Wisconsin – Madison. He earned his Ph.D. and M.S. in Learning Sciences from UW-Madison, and B.A. in Mathematics and Asian Studies from St. Olaf College. He formally began working in education as an undergraduate at St. Olaf College where he supported the Japanese language and Asian studies departments, specifically focusing on improving pedagogy with digital tools. That experience marked the germination of his interest in how technology can change what and how we should learn and teach. His work currently focuses on quantitative ethnography, the learning sciences, and learning analytics. He’s passionate about growing the Quantitative Ethnography (QE) community and is actively involved in the International Society for Quantitative Ethnography (ISQE). He is an instructor in the Educational Psychology department at UW-Madison.

For more than 15 years, Dr. Eagan has contributed to the fields of language learning, cultural exchange, learning sciences, computer-supported collaborative learning, learning analytics, health care, serving people with disabilities, ethics in education, child development, as well as professional development in a range of domains. He is a bridge-builder within the QE community and has experience connecting research and practice in these different domains.

Brendan is the instructor for EdPsych 551: Quantitative Ethnography