Elise Santa, MA

Position title: Saint Paul Conservatory for Performing Artists

Twin Cities, MN

Elise Santa holds a Bachelor of Music in Music Education from the University of Minnesota Duluth and a Master of Arts in Musical Direction from Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts, London, UK. She is based in the Twin Cities and currently teaches at Saint Paul Conservatory for Performing Artists where she is the co-chair of the Instrumental Music Department. Elise teaches orchestra along with various music and musical theatre classes. She also holds a professional background as a musical director; she music directed the most recent production of Six on Norwegian Cruise Lines.

Elise is excited to develop a strong skill set in analytics and utilize those skills in her teaching. She hopes to further effect change within the public education system at a macro level and is passionate about supporting teachers within the classroom. While the pandemic upended teaching and learning, she looks forward to seeing positive transformations in education.