Jen Schenten

Position title: University Heights Middle School

Riverside, CA

Jen Schenten has been a professional educator in the public school system for 18 years.  She is currently a Math Department Chair, Math Coach and teacher at University Heights Middle School in Riverside, California.  She works with at-risk students from diverse cultural and lingual backgrounds.  Her emphasis in the classroom includes personalized learning and using appropriate educational technology to provide equitable access to grade-level content for all students.
Jen graduated from Humboldt State University in Arcata, California with a bachelor’s degree in Applied Mathematics and a minor in Computer Information Systems in 2001.  She earned a single subject credential in Mathematics (K-12) and a supplementary credential in Computer Concepts and Applications from California Baptist University in Riverside, California in 2004.  She also holds a supplemental credential in Computer Science and is certified in online and blended learning.
Jen aims to use her background in mathematics and computer science to make the data-driven decision process consumable for students, families, educators and administrators.  She is especially interested in improving the balance between qualitative and quantitative data in the decision-making processes that often dominate public education.