Mamta Shah, PhD

Position title: Elsevier

Philadelphia, PA

Dr. Mamta Shah is a Learning Scientist at Elsevier. She supports the design, delivery, examination, and communication of the efficacy of digital learning solutions for nursing and health education (NHE). Her role is situated at the intersection of industry and academia; she works with business leaders, user experience researchers, nursing experts, product managers, sales and marketing professionals, faculty, administrators, and students to advance NHE research and practice. Mamta is interested in the field of Learning Analytics (LA) to expand the scope and impact of her work. Currently, she is using Epistemic Network Analysis, a Quantitative Ethnographic method, to model student and faculty activity in virtual reality simulations.

Mamta is also an instructor at University of Pennsylvania Graduate School of Education. For over a decade, Mamta has researched the design and integration of interactive digital environments such as games and virtual realities to advance students’ knowledge and motivation. She has worked with educators in K-12 and higher education to incorporate the cognitive, pedagogical, and experiential affordances of educational technologies in a variety of settings. Mamta earned a Ph.D. in Educational Leadership and Learning Technologies from Drexel University, and a M.S. and B.S. in Human Development from University of Mumbai.