James Wollack

Credentials: Department Chair

Email: jwollack@wisc.edu

Department Chair James Wollack

Dr. Wollack is a Professor in the Quantitative Methods area within the Educational Psychology Department. He also serves as the Director of the University of Wisconsin-Madison Testing and Evaluation Services (T&E) and the UW System Center for Placement Testing. As Director, he oversees all aspects of T&E and the Center, sets strategic directions, develops and monitors budgets, evaluates programming and personnel, and maintains an active research program. Jim’s research interests are in test construction, test administration and item response theory. Broadly speaking, his research program has focused on applications of item response theory to improve the validity and interpretability of test scores. More specifically, Jim’s scholarly activity has centered predominantly on two aspects of test security. The first area is developing and refining statistical methods to detect test fraud, including detection of group-based cheating (such as preknowledge, collusion, and answer changing), detection of individual cheating (such as answer copying), and detection of item compromise. The second area is defining and improving industry policy and best practices with regard to test security, including approaches implemented by testing programs to prevent, deter, impede, and detect cheating on tests.