Mary Xiong, MBA

Position title: Gateway Technical College

Greenfield, WI

Mary Xiong Headshot

Mary Xiong Thao is the Title III Grant Student Success Programming Coordinator at Gateway Technical College.  She has spent her career focusing on education as a means to strengthen and move communities from poverty to prosperity.  In her current role, she uses data to dissect and improve student retention for underserved populations.  This includes training faculty on improving their teaching methods, systematizing the college’s non-cognitive assessment to help staff and students improve vital touch points, and creating and leading a sustainable work-based learning ecosystem.  In addition, Mary provides consultation to non-profit organizations and institutions on culturally competent work practices.  By participating in the Learning Analytics Program, she plans to continue to forge more effective, intentional and equity minded strategies for students, their learning, and the academic environment at all levels of the college.  Simultaneously, she believes this will help her in her life’s work of providing the best chances for all people to live a life of prosperity.

Mary is a 2022 Committed Scholars Program recipient.