Anjali Yadav

Position title: CommonLit

Washington, DC

LAMP student Anjali Yadav

Anjali Yadav is the Associate Director of District Success at CommonLit, a free online platform equipping educators with high-quality literacy tools and resources. Currently, CommonLit is used by over 20 million teachers and students globally. In her role, Anjali has helped CommonLit develop its customer success strategy and supports schools across the country in their use of CommonLit’s reading program.  Anjali is interested in using her degree from the Learning Analytics Master’s Program to help educational systems better interpret and use student and teacher data to improve learning outcomes. Additionally, Anjali is curious about how to evaluate the effectiveness of online educational programs, initiatives, and resources. Anjali is interested in learning how to conduct educational research and her initial areas of interest span educational technology, higher education and adult education more broadly, prison education initiatives, literacy development, and global education. Before joining CommonLit, Anjali graduated from the University of Texas at Austin with a B.S. in communications studies and a minor in business.